Favorite Place To Shop In Seaside

One of our very favorite places to shop in Seaside is Moxie Shine Fair Trade.

The owner, Sedona does a great job of always having fun new goodies in her store. She offers many handmade items in her store at surprisingly affordable prices.


At the moment the store is full of jewelry and other small tidbits - like bags, blank books, unusual pencils, soap, essential oils and scents and so much more!


This is one of the staples we buy from her store. These are incense matches and they pretty much summarize the store’s style: unique, original and totally affordable.


Most of the earrings are around $20! So extremely affordable and as you can see the selection is varied and cool.


We are always testing out a new essential oil/perfume scent from there and we usually buy them once we smell them because Sedona does a great job of curating everything in her store.


This is Sedona, the store owner. She’s very helpful and usually has a large selection of clothing that actually fit real women’s bodies. At the moment she’s lighter on wearables because she says in January most people don’t want to take off their coats and try on clothing. Next time you are in Seaside check out her store and if you stay at Starry Night Inn Sedona offers a 15% discount to guests who spend $50 or more in the store.


This is the store front of Sedona’s store. It’s 2 blocks from the inn on Broadway. There are yoga classes in the back of this building too, but that’s not Sedona it’s Seaside Yoga, which offers great classes.

Moxie Shine Fair Trade
609 Broadway St Suite #1, Seaside, OR 97138
Hours: Mondays 11-4
Closed Tuesday and Wednesdays
Thursdays 11-4
Fridays and Saturdays 11-5
Sundays 12-5
Phone: (503) 739-7104

Share The Love - The BFF Package

Calling All Best Friends . . .


Share the love with our BFF Package.

The month of February and Valentine’s Day specifically are seen as a time for romantic love. We think that there are many forms of love that are meaningful and worthy of celebration that’s why we are offering room discounts and some Prosecco for you and yours.

This exclusive offer is for those 21 and over who are interested in getting away and imbibing with the one they love. Whether your BFF is someone you grew up with, your mom or your favorite auntie, or your bandmate - you can book your room online. Celebrate those who have been close to you in your life while escaping the stresses of the city. A toast to you and those who have shaped you. Read more about the BFF package here.


From now until the end of February we have this incredible deal! Be sure to mention the BFF package in your online booking and we will have the Processo waiting for you in your room! If you’re willing to share we would love to hear about your friendship! Tell us how you became friends and what you love about your best friend and if your’e game we’d love to share your story with our community!

Hand Will Travel Massage - Just Steps From The Inn

Jody Herring of Hands Will Travel gives a great massage. She gives massages at a few different locations. One of the locations is only 132 steps from the Starry Night Inn. We had to count to find out because it’s so close by! The name of the place she gives massages out of is called Pure Haven Salon and Spa

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