Shift Astoria - We Love A Dress With Pockets!

You may already be familiar with Shift Astoria. They make those rad suspender dresses with pockets? We’re not going to lie, we are pretty obsessed with a factory girl, worker woman look that is easy to clean rooms in but is also adorable. What do we mean when we say this? Well, we are talking about a dress that is totally comfy, but has a bit of an old world, vintage look without being fancy or stiff, but still offers some structure. Something you can stretch and kick in (if the occasion presents itself). These suspender dresses are the ideal dress for any sort of badassery you might need to accomplish.

shift 4.jpg

We were so impressed when we went to Becky’s studio to find that not only is she making these great dresses with pockets but she is also making extended sizes! Her medium is a large and so forth. Her sizing goes up to a 2x, which is really a 3x and the way she designs her clothing they are flattering and forgiving. The suspender dress can be worn different ways. If you are smaller under your chest you can wear it in more of an empire style with the suspenders pulled tighter and if you are blessed with a smaller waist you can bring the suspenders down and wear the dress lower, around your waist. Long story short, these dresses are made to fit many different bodies. Thank you for acknowledging real women’s bodies, Becky!!!

shift 1.jpg

Here is Becky working away at her cutting/drafting table. She apologized for the messy work space, but we totally understand the creative work isn’t tidy. It’s about the process and finished piece not the messy byproduct.

shift 5.jpg

These are Becky’s tools - Her sewing machine and serger. She makes many more items than just the suspender dresses. She also makes simple shift dresses, and she just started making a cropped shirt that we totally want to buy when she has them available.

shift 6.jpg

As Becky showed us around her studio, she excitedly pulled out this old dress, that she called a house dress. She said she knows this one is old and pretty much at the end of it’s life but she wants to use it as a basic pattern for a new dress she wants to make in the future. It would unzip all the way down so you can wear it as almost like a doctor’s coat, with a collar and with pockets A.K.A. a amazing house dress, duh! We’re pretty sure we’re going to need this dress too once she gets this into production.

shift 7.jpg

We were eyeing this cotton, corduroy suspender dress, but decided to go with the black denim version instead. We absolutely love it!

This is Jen, one of the owners of the Starry Night Inn modeling her new suspender dress. Click on photo to see different angles of the dress.

Becky sells her wares pretty regularly at the Astoria Sunday Market, which is pretty great and worth the trek. It’s about a 25 minute drive from Seaside. If you are a Portlander you can just head home byway of HWY 30 after a jaunt to the Sunday Market.

Sign up for her mailing list and follow her on Facebook and Instagram here.

It's Been Brenda Dunn's Art All Summer Long


All summer this summer we have been featuring the art work of Brenda Dunn. Brenda has a very recognizable style. It's one part vintage pin-up and one part a celebration of color and feminine lines. We also love how affordable her work is. We have our eye on a mermaid piece that is only $30!

Here is her artist's statement:

Brenda Dunn is an artist/illustrator and curator currently living and working in Portland, Oregon. Brenda's specialty is her vintage-inspired pinups that capture the sultry, glamour of the forties and fifties. Her pinups have been shown throughout the Northwest and in numerous
publications. Her works were also featured in 3 seasons of TV show Portlandia.

In addition to the pinups, she also specializes in fashion illustration. Brenda has worked with several designers and boutiques in Portland. She has also had her work featured in Portland and New York Fashion Weeks.

If you would like to view her work, please call us 503.738.7825 and we can arrange a viewing.

May Featured Artist - Raven Lloyd

Saturday, May 5th from 5-7 pm we will be featuring the art of Raven I. Lloyd.

This art opening is part of a larger event - known as the Seaside Art Walk. This event happens the first Saturday of each month from 5-7 and many participating galleries and businesses are involved. Here is a map of the the Art Walk. Participating businesses are listed in the link as well.

We just loved how Raven's work looked like constellations in the night sky twinkling through a dark night, but we see stars in everyone and everything.

raven's work.jpg

To quote Raven, "The images I created for this body of work were inspired by negative spaces I observed in nature during the snow storms last winter here in Portland. Specifically the snow covered bare branches on bushes and trees and the spaces created within the structure of the plants. The theme of Spaces In-Between carried over to thoughts on breath, time, notes in music, ocean waves and stars in the night sky. All of the empty spaces in-between something tangible influenced my creative process to produce this body of work."

Our First Art Opening!

It's our first art opening! On Saturday, April 7th, we are opening our doors, in conjunction with the Seaside Art Walk. We will have sangria and snacks available. We will also be spinning records and talking ART. Come by between 6-10 pm

UrsulaBarton_SteelBrdg_Large - Copy.jpg

This month we are featuring Ursula Barton, who is just one of the artists whose artwork adorns the walls of the inn. We love how her hand-mixed paints that tell the story of a rainy day bike ride in Portland Oregon. Learn more about the artists at the inn here.

Here are details about the art walk. This event is free. It is about seeing art in sponsoring galleries and businesses along Broadway and Holladay in downtown Seaside.

The complete list: 
1. SunRose Gallery, 606 Broadway
2. Moxie Shine, 609 Broadway
3. Bev Drew Kindley Pop-Up Gallery, 608 Broadway
4. Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway
5. Art in the Loft Gallery at Beach Books, 616 Broadway
6. Katharine Stewart, Ancient Health, and Healing, 10-B Holladay Drive
7. The Whet Spot, 12 N. Holladay Drive
8. Westport Winery Seaside, 810 Broadway
9. Blue Bond Art School and Gallery, located at 417 S Holladay Drive
10. Starry Night Inn, 811 1st Ave



Getting Around Seaside

    Seaside has been a tourist destination since the early 1900's. The main strip was built to accommodate restaurants, boutiques, galleries and campy amusements like ski ball, bumper cars and go karts. The Necanicum river runs alongside the ocean and is perfect for kayaking or paddle boating. One of the best things that we loved right away about this property is that everything is so close by. When you are in Seaside you don't really need to drive. You can park and walk almost everywhere. This post is designed to guide you on the many things you can enjoy while visiting the Starry Night.

The Starry Night is tucked away in the heart of Seaside. Broadway Street is the main drag just three blocks from the Inn. Everything you may need can be found en route to or on Broadway street. We have put a list of places that we have found to be awesome. We have not been able to check out all the restaurants yet, but these are our top picks so far.

Places to eat and drink:

  • Dundee's Bar & Grill - Some of the best late night food in town. Trigger alert: it is a sports bar but the food is great! - a 5-minute walk

  • Firehouse Grill - Open 8-3 this is a great brunch spot - a 4-minute walk

  • Osprey Cafe - Another great breakfast spot - a 26-minute walk (you may want to drive)

  • The Stand - Delicious, affordable Mexican food - it is recommended you get takeout, the ambiance is not as great as the food and they are only open from 11-5 M-F so hustle in there - a 1-minute walk

  • Phannie Phatts - Hawaiian food located across the street! Call for takeout and walk across the street to pick it up

  • Nonni's Italian Bistro - great Italian food - try the amaretto margarita (YUM) - a 4-minute walk

  • Finns Fish house. Breakfast/lunch/dinner classic seafood, steaks and pasta 5-min walk

  • Dough Dough Bakery serves decadent deserts, tapas, coffee, beer and wine. Modern decor. 3-min walk

  • Maggies on the Prom - Garden setting, Delicious Northwest cuisine & views of the ocean. 8min walk

  • Seaside Brewing Company- Hub of Seaside. Great beer with Northwest vibe 4-min walk

  • The Bridge Tender- Local haunt. Open late. river views. 5-min walk

  • The Whet Spot- Beer tasting room. Huge selection of beer to go or hang out and try their taps. Snacks. 3-min walk

3 person bike, called a Surrey available for rental at Wheel Fun Rentals

3 person bike, called a Surrey available for rental at Wheel Fun Rentals


  • Seaside Aquarium - a 9-minute walk from the motel

  • Wheel Fun Rentals - mopeds, classic bikes and more to rent - a 3-minute walk

  • Seaside Inverted Experience - fun, quirky photo shoots - an 8-minute walk

  • Seaside Prom and Turnaround - a paved 1.5 mile walkway that is along the coastline - a 10-minute walk

  • Funland - an arcade that is just blocks away from the motel - a 7-minute walk

  • Carousel- bumper cars- go karts- miniature golf. 5-min walk

  • Seaside empire park and recreation...swimming pool, basketball courts, Skate 'n ride park, classes 10-min walk

  • Clatsop paddle co. Paddle boat rentals on the Necanicum river. 5-min walk

  • Crabbing on the bridge, clamming on the beach. 5-min walk

  • Paragliding, Helicopter rides, biplane rides and 1 mile zipline rides....varied locations

  • cleanline surf shop. classes offered 2-min walk

Art lovers:

Enjoy the stroll and stop off at our favorite coffee shop!