Hand Will Travel Massage - Just Steps From The Inn

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Jody Herring of Hands Will Travel gives a great massage.

She gives massages at a few different locations. One of the locations is only 132 steps from the Starry Night Inn. We had to count to find out because it’s so close by! The name of the place she gives massages out of is called Pure Haven Salon and Spa

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 This is Jody in her massage space

This is Jody in her massage space

Jody has been giving massages for 20 years now and does continuing education that has her well versed in most massage formats: deep tissue, advanced myofascial and more. Jody says she really focuses on what the client wants and needs.

 Jody giving a massage at the Starry Night Inn

Jody giving a massage at the Starry Night Inn

She has the kind of hands that are not just strong, more than strong, really strong, but she also just seems to know where it hurts, or where you are tight. How do we know this? We have gotten a few massages from her and it’s one of those “hurt so good” experiences. She really gets in there and finds the knots. This is not a spa massage. You know what we mean, the type where they lightly touch you and in the end you walk away feeling no different? This is a serious massage experience. You get results. It’s a get what you pay for experience.

When you book a room at the inn call or text Jody and let her know that you want to book a massage with her too! If you have 2 or more people she will come to you and do in-room massages if you wish.

 Jody with her massage table getting ready to set up in one of our cabins

Jody with her massage table getting ready to set up in one of our cabins

Jody is offering a special to
Starry Night Inn Guests:
A 2 person in room massage. 2 people each get a 1 hour massage for $150!
Her regular price is $80
for a massage so that is a $10
savings for 2 massages.

Book a massage with Jody today:
41 N Holladay Dr
Seaside, OR 97138

 Jody’s massage table set up in one of our cabins

Jody’s massage table set up in one of our cabins

Times Theatre and Public House

*Update: the Times Theatre and Public House has a website with up to date information regarding movies and their menu, check it out!*

We are so excited to have a new theatre, bar, restaurant, music venue and place for our guests to watch football in town! They show fun, classic and cult classic films and you can dine on great food and drinks while you watch!


This is where the screen would be. It is lowered for viewing when in use. In this photo it is raised which is how it is kept when not in use to reveal this amazing beer brewing system.


Each seat is large and comfy with more than your standard cupholder. These chairs have a tray that is plenty big enough for holding your meals and snacks. Above is the balcony area and directly in front of the movie screen are tables and chairs if you want more of a proper dining experience. We are so impressed with the layout and ample space throughout this theatre.


They have matinees for early birds and as we mentioned they show sports for those who are looking for a HUGE screen experience.


Here are some upcoming events.


Here are some of their brunch options and upcoming music.


They are still refining their menu, but we loved how many gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options they have! This menu is a little manhandled, but that is because we might have drooled a little and tried to maintain composure just looking at it.


This is their beverage menu. Lots of options and they told us cocktail suggestions are coming soon!

The theatre changes out the movie every Friday and some of the upcoming movies are:
Princess Bride
Rocky Horror Picture Show