Favorite Things To Do In Seaside

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Seaside’s slogan is, “It’s Easy To Seaside” and that is so true! When you come stay at our inn you can park your car and only need to drive to a few destinations.

Seaside is a small town with a population of 6,707 and really has a small town feel. Everyone is friendly and the shops are within walking distance.

Our favorite places to go:


Las Olas - Great Mexican food
Tora Sushi Lounge - Affordable sushi!
Nonni’s Bistro - Italian food - romantic, sweet atmosphere
Maggie’s On The Prom - This is a beachfront restaurant that’s really best enjoyed in the summer when you can sit outside.

Times Theater - This is a movie theater that shows movies but it’s also a good place for food and drink even when there is no movie. We wrote a post here. Check it out.

Coffee Shops and Breakfast:

Seaside Coffee Roasters - It’s really close by the inn. Less than 2 blocks, which makes for a great morning walk. They have all of your coffee, tea, smoothie, breakfast sandwich, most of your basic pastry needs covered.
Dough Dough - Across the street from Seaside Coffee Roasters is a great pastry shop that offers a wide assortment of pastries including vegan and gluten free options.
Firehouse Grill - This is our favorite place to eat breakfast. They have a great breakfast and lunch menu and even have gluten free bread!
Bagels By The Sea - This Is a bagel place nearby that offers bagels and smears, plus all sorts of bagel sandwiches.

Nightlife and Bars:

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Finn’s (the bar in the back of the restaurant) - They have a circular fireplace that you can sit at. They also have good seafood and cocktails. Not the cheapest but really tasty.
The Whet Spot - This is a beer and wine bar with a fantastically curated options. Read more about them in our post. They don’t have food but they will let you bring food from nearby restaurants. Don’t want to leave the inn? The Whet Spot will make beer and wine deliveries to the inn for $2.00 and free deliveries when you spend more than $20.
Bride Tender - If you’re looking for a locals experience go no further than the Bridge Tender. Cheap drinks, pool tables and salty sailors.


Safeway - This is place most people shop in town. This store does a pretty good job of offering a wide variety of foods. All of the standard fare, plus gluten-free, vegan and housemade goods. Their house made guacamole is fantastic!
Seaside Health Foods - This grocery store is less than a block from the inn. It’s very, very tiny but well stocked. If you are looking for fresh food, this isn’t the place, but if you’re looking for specialty health foods they probably have it.
Natural Grocers - If you want a natural grocery store that has it all you can visit the Natural Grocers in Warrenton, which is about a 20 minute drive from the inn.


Shamous’es Rocks - This is a rock and crystal shop that is about a block from the inn. Lots of great things to see.
Moxie Shine Fair Trade - This is our favorite place to shop in Seaside and they give our guests a 15% discount when they spend $50 or more. Here’s a post we wrote about them.
Seaside Yarn and Fiber - This is a great yarn and craft store that is next to The Whet Spot and across the street from our favorite coffee shop. All of them are within 2 blocks of the inn. We wrote a post about the yarn shop.



Seaside Aquarium - Get a true Oregon coast experience and see the critters of the sea at the aquarium.
Hands Will Travel - Get a massage while you are at the inn. You can go to her and it’s less than a block away or she can come to you if you have 2 or more massages to book. She also offers a twofer. Normally her massages are $80, but if you book 2 she will come to you and only charges $75 for each massage - $150 for both.
Ancient Health And Healing - Get acupuncture while you are staying at the inn. Katherine has magical hands!

A few more details:

The nearest Laundromat is Marlin Avenue Coin Op in Warrenton

Here is a walking tour of Seaside, including an art tour here.

Hand Will Travel Massage - Just Steps From The Inn

Jody Herring of Hands Will Travel gives a great massage. She gives massages at a few different locations. One of the locations is only 132 steps from the Starry Night Inn. We had to count to find out because it’s so close by! The name of the place she gives massages out of is called Pure Haven Salon and Spa

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Times Theatre and Public House

We are so excited to have a new theatre, bar, restaurant, music venue and place for our guests to watch football in town! They show fun, classic and cult classic films and you can dine on great food and drinks while you watch!

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Getting Around Seaside

    Seaside has been a tourist destination since the early 1900's. The main strip was built to accommodate restaurants, boutiques, galleries and campy amusements like ski ball, bumper cars and go karts. The Necanicum river runs alongside the ocean and is perfect for kayaking or paddle boating. One of the best things that we loved right away about this property is that everything is so close by. When you are in Seaside you don't really need to drive. You can park and walk almost everywhere. This post is designed to guide you on the many things you can enjoy while visiting the Starry Night.

The Starry Night is tucked away in the heart of Seaside. Broadway Street is the main drag just three blocks from the Inn. Everything you may need can be found en route to or on Broadway street. We have put a list of places that we have found to be awesome. We have not been able to check out all the restaurants yet, but these are our top picks so far.

Places to eat and drink:

  • Dundee's Bar & Grill - Some of the best late night food in town. Trigger alert: it is a sports bar but the food is great! - a 5-minute walk

  • Firehouse Grill - Open 8-3 this is a great brunch spot - a 4-minute walk

  • Osprey Cafe - Another great breakfast spot - a 26-minute walk (you may want to drive)

  • The Stand - Delicious, affordable Mexican food - it is recommended you get takeout, the ambiance is not as great as the food and they are only open from 11-5 M-F so hustle in there - a 1-minute walk

  • Phannie Phatts - Hawaiian food located across the street! Call for takeout and walk across the street to pick it up

  • Nonni's Italian Bistro - great Italian food - try the amaretto margarita (YUM) - a 4-minute walk

  • Finns Fish house. Breakfast/lunch/dinner classic seafood, steaks and pasta 5-min walk

  • Dough Dough Bakery serves decadent deserts, tapas, coffee, beer and wine. Modern decor. 3-min walk

  • Maggies on the Prom - Garden setting, Delicious Northwest cuisine & views of the ocean. 8min walk

  • Seaside Brewing Company- Hub of Seaside. Great beer with Northwest vibe 4-min walk

  • The Bridge Tender- Local haunt. Open late. river views. 5-min walk

  • The Whet Spot- Beer tasting room. Huge selection of beer to go or hang out and try their taps. Snacks. 3-min walk

3 person bike, called a Surrey available for rental at Wheel Fun Rentals

3 person bike, called a Surrey available for rental at Wheel Fun Rentals


  • Seaside Aquarium - a 9-minute walk from the motel

  • Wheel Fun Rentals - mopeds, classic bikes and more to rent - a 3-minute walk

  • Seaside Inverted Experience - fun, quirky photo shoots - an 8-minute walk

  • Seaside Prom and Turnaround - a paved 1.5 mile walkway that is along the coastline - a 10-minute walk

  • Funland - an arcade that is just blocks away from the motel - a 7-minute walk

  • Carousel- bumper cars- go karts- miniature golf. 5-min walk

  • Seaside empire park and recreation...swimming pool, basketball courts, Skate 'n ride park, classes 10-min walk

  • Clatsop paddle co. Paddle boat rentals on the Necanicum river. 5-min walk

  • Crabbing on the bridge, clamming on the beach. 5-min walk

  • Paragliding, Helicopter rides, biplane rides and 1 mile zipline rides....varied locations

  • cleanline surf shop. classes offered 2-min walk

Art lovers:

Enjoy the stroll and stop off at our favorite coffee shop!