The lobby features many beautiful pieces of art and art adorns the walls leading upstairs in the Victorian. Each room and cabin has local art hanging on the walls. The art in the motel rotates seasonally.

The art at the motel is curated by Chris Haberman

CuratorChrisHaberman at AlbertaMural - lores.JPG

Currently, the motel features 9 Portland, OR artists. Most of the art is between $35 and $200 and art can be purchased at the motel with cash or a credit card. Each artists biography can be viewed below.

Featured Artists



Brenda Dunn is an artist/illustrator and curator currently living and working in Portland, Oregon. Brenda's specialty is her vintage inspired pinups that capture the sultry, glamour of the forties and fifties. Her pinups have been shown throughout the Northwest and in numerous publications. Her works were also featured in 3 seasons of TV show Portlandia.
In addition to the pinups, she also specializes in fashion illustration. Brenda has worked with several designers and boutiques in Portland. She has also had her work featured in Portland and New York Fashion Weeks.



Christopher Michael Creath finds joy in a multitude of mediums, is heavily influenced by surrealism, and has an affinity for texture. With a passion for storytelling, he has worn the hat of painter, animator, illustrator, teacher, children’s book author and illustrator. Christopher creates fantastical surrealist landscapes and narratives with the intention of evoking thought, emotion, & creating a dialogue.



Chris Haberman is a working painter, writer, muralist, curator and musician, native to Portland, Oregon. Aside from painting, he has published poetry, journalism and fiction; earning awards in journalism and creative writing from Portland State University and is a lifetime member to the Academy of American Poets.

All of Chris Haberman’s artwork is created recycled objects, found material from the streets and alleyways of his hometown, focusing on subjects like people, politics, the region, pop-culture, media, music, film and literature.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams said in 2009 that “Chris is the hardest working artist in Portland.” Chris’ first curatorship was a show for Adams in City Hall of Portland, Oregon, (Portland Pride, 2007). He has also shown art in hundreds of venues, including “Oregon Art Annual” and is a frequent contributor to local artwalks, school fairs and open studio tours. In July 2012, Chris recorded selling over 10,000 original works since 2001; and he was a feature artist for Oregon Art Beat on OPB and awarded “Portland Artist of the Year” for Barfly Magazine.

Besides making art, Chris is also a teacher and a fervent freelance curator and arts advocate, coordinating hundreds of Portland art exhibits with regional artists since 2001, founding first a non-profit (Portland City Art, 2009) and then Chris Haberman Presents and The People’s Art of Portland (2009-2016) in Pioneer Place Mall to help local artists show their works.

In 2011, he illustrated a book with Oregon television icon, K.C. Cowan detailing a humorous selection of Catholic Saints. In the same year he also completed a 219 wood panel album reproduction for an office mural for record label Kill Rock Stars, and a 100 piece show of about the History of Oregon for Portland State University. In 2012/2013 he completed a 140 foot mural about “The History of Hawthorne Blvd.” for 50th SE Hawthorne on the Eagles Fraternal Lodge funded by a grant from Regional Arts and Culture Council; and worked as the Art Consultant for TV show Portlandia (Seasons 3, 4 and 5). In 2014, he helped present the 15th annual Oregon Art Beat exhibition of 350 artists with Oregon Public Broadcasting, and appeared as a working artist on Ovation channel’s reality show, “One Man’s Trash.” Summer 2015 Chris completed a large-scale outdoor mural for the City of Milwaukie, OR, in partnership with TriMet for the new Orange Line Train line. Currently he is making a lot of art and having shows, and curating venues in Portland and Milwaukie, Oregon, and volunteering his time with First Friday in Milwaukie as an Milwaukie Arts Council (ArtMOB) member and a curator for Milwaukie businesses.


Debra is a Native Oregonian, born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She goes by many “art” labels, including Debris Artist, based on her works made from recyclable materials, including light switch covers, plaques and furniture. She can paint on virtually anything and her subject matters run the gamut, but her main love and focus is on the realm of Day of the Dead symbolism and images and details of Frida Kahlo. Debra is a regular contributor to many art fairs, symposiums and art walks and has been a mainstay at Day of the Dead fairs and Cinco De Mayo festivals. She lives and works in Portland, Oregon.



Jessie is a Portland-based illustrator born in San Francisco. She moved to Portland in 2005 to study fine art. She gravitates towards subject matter that is witty, provocative, biting, playful, and humorous. Jessie is currently pursuing a degree in graphic design while continuing to carve out a niche in the world of handmade paper products and illustration.

Her “Whatif Critter” line has been her most popular series of work to date, selling successfully in many Portland outlets, including Portland Saturday Market, Powell’s Books and numerous galleries and locations. Besides WhatIf Critters, Jessie also creates realistic semi-erotica, with a playful emphasis on interaction between with women and animals. After a 3 year hiatus from all art endeavors, Jessie began creating while working in a residential treatment facility for drug addicted adolescents. She learned to translate the kids’ imaginings onto paper as means of building rapport, and hasn’t stopped drawing since.

Jessie lives and creates art full time in Portland, Oregon.



Judy creates original, bright, imaginative works in acrylics, watercolors and mixed media, exploring subjects of nature, animals and people. No subject is outside of Judy’s range as a prolific artist who typically works on many paintings at once. Recently, Judy has been hand-making affordable prints to expand her audience and to make her colorful works more accessible. She lives and works in Portland, Oregon.



Originally from South Carolina, Bookman arrived in Portland years ago on a 7 day road trip in her car “Jubilee” to get as far from the Bible Belt as possible. Before she left home she had carved out a niche as a local artist, being first an oil painter, then to something that came more natural: sculpture.

In her words: “If you haven’t noticed I sculpt eyes. Why? Because I am strange, and I am terrible at flowers and butterflies. (I am also terrible at cups and bowls, but that is a ceramics story). No, the eyes are not ceramics. They are sculpted completely out of acrylic paint (except the actual eye and lashes). Confused? I know. It is hard to explain. So look closely all those bumps and clumps, all that texture is built up acrylic paint, cool isn’t it? So after hundreds of eyes and years of being called the “eyeball lady” a friend finally bestowed a cool name upon me, ‘Queen of Eyes’, ya know, like the song. So here I am, The Queen of iii.”

Bookman is a resident artist at Milepost 5 artist community in Portland, Oregon. She has had two major solo shows in the Denizen Gallery, the latest being “Death By Glitter,” which included life size sculptures of female forms. Her work has been featured in galleries around Portland and on TV Show, Portlandia.


Libby Grise

Libby Grise is an Oregon transplant from Vermont. Having grown up in a home built in 1791 and spent some of her fondest moments exploring New England style graveyards, she finds herself a little haunted. She finds inspiration in all things dark, creepy, mysterious, antique and nostalgia-provoking. Libby has, since a young children, found something enchanting about abandoned houses and often spends time exploring and photographing them. She does film photography and often incorporates them into her shadow boxes. She has become crafty with almost everything she picks up (except knitting, as it turns out).
She uses materials she finds in free boxes, in thrift or antique shops, or has been gifted. Each box is made with the best of what has been found and while she is processing something heavy to herself. Libby finds release in her artwork, transforming it into something way sweeter than her tribulations.
Libby lives in Southeast Portland. She is single mother to three children and a dog, works full time as a caregiver, and is graduating with an associate's of science in Spring 2019 before moving onto further education. She is one busy lady. She likes to hike, learn new things, journal, and will probably never stop making art no matter how busy she gets. She has dreams of buying an old homestead-style abandoned house and reinventing it, making it her own someday. Perhaps it will have an art room and a dark room.


Raven I Lloyd

Raven is a Portland native who received a merit scholarship to The School of The Art Institute of Chicago while still only a junior in high school. Life's journeys led her back to Portland and in 2001 she graduated from PSU with a BA with Honors in Painting, Drawing & Printmaking. While at PSU Raven was recognized with several Art Department Scholarships, a National Laurels Scholarship and was selected for the Annual Juried Student Show by The Littman Gallery where she received a “Critics Pick” in both The Willamette Week and Oregonian Newspapers. Raven was an active member of Deptford Artists Network and Creekside Studios while living in London, England for five years and participated in several Open Studio and Group Shows while there. Now, back in Portland, she is a full time Montessori Elementary Teacher and mother. Creating art has always been an important part of her life and she is honored to have this opportunity to share her latest body of work with you.



W.S. Cranmore began painting full time in 2012. He describes himself as an “American impulse artist” because of his process of creating art to the beat, mood, and impulse of the music he listens to. He lets the music dictate the direction and create the work. Additionally, as an impulse artist, Cranmore approaches each piece with no pre-planning or concept. He quite literally does not know which colors, painting surface, or tools will be used. His first impulse on these decisions is what he goes with, and as he continues, he keeps his mind clear to allow the music in.

Cranmore’s paintings have been on many art websites, he has participated in solo and group shows here in the Pacific NW, and he has sold works locally and internationally.
When not painting, Cranmore works for the Portland non-profit, New Avenues For Youth, where he works with homeless and at-risk youth, teaching them screen printing and employable soft skills so that they can exit street life and pursue their goals.

He is a husband, a father, a brother, a son, and a member of the Milwaukie Arts Council (artMOB).