February 28th, 2019

Limited Time Specials & More!

Have you been to the Oregon Coast in the winter or early spring? If you haven’t you’re missing out on the best kept secret. There are many benefits to visiting the coast in the off season. The number one reason is the town and beach are pretty much yours! No fighting crowds, great service everywhere you go and killer deals at the Starry Night Inn!

Here’s a 30 second video of the serenity awaiting you at the beach in the off season.

We have a few specials that are ending very soon that might never happen again! These deals are so hot you won’t even feel the chill in the air!

Favorite Places In Seaside

When you go to a vacation destination you don’t always know all of the best places to go. Let us be your virtual tour guide! This post covers some of our most favorite places to go in Seaside from restaurants, to shopping we’ve got you covered.

There is so much to see when you come stay with us! In addition to salty sea air, the beach and a sweet little town, the inn has it’s own offerings. We have new art at the inn! We are thrilled to be welcoming new artists: Kirsten Moore and Brent Wear of Fancy Mammal, Alea Bone, Ian Anderson, Kendra Binney, Jen Smith, and returning artists Caroline Green, Raven Lloyd and Lea Barozzi, plus more artists to come. We are now doing our own curation of artwork and we are featuring some spring themes: birds, nature, landscapes and seascapes with a distinctly cool vibe.

Kendra Binney’s artwork adorns the hall with our complimentary wallpaper.

Other offerings at the inn, did you know we have FREE wine and beer on hand in the lobby of the Victorian? We also have crackers and cheese, bubbly water, and a continental breakfast. Oh, and did we mention our sauna and house made bath products? Yep, we want to spoil you endlessly. Book a room and let us!

We hope to see you soon!

December 13th, 2018

Getaway for the holidays or from the holidays at the Starry Night Inn

We have packages custom-made for you. These offers are available until April 30th, excludes holidays and spring break.


Share the love of our BFF Package.

This exclusive offer includes a bottle of Prosecco for those 21 and over. Whether your BFF is someone you grew up with, your mom or your favorite auntie book your room online. Celebrate those who have been close to you in your life while escaping the stresses of the city. A toast to you and those who have shaped you.

We can add the dollar amount of your choosing. Call today and we can send this gift certificate in time for Christmas.

We can add the dollar amount of your choosing. Call today and we can send this gift certificate in time for Christmas.

This offering would make a fantastic holiday gift! Call us to receive gift certificates for your BFF, 503.738.7825.

This package is available in January and expires at the end of February, but to our mailing list subscribers we will begin this package now!

To learn more, click here

In the winter and spring seasons we offer artist residencies. Our inn is a great place to get inspired, curate ideas and develop your new project.

Our Centennial Approaches


Starry Night Inn is a Victorian house with 3 cabins. The Victorian house was built in 1919, we are turning 100 years old!

In the off-season some people miss the fact that there is a great time to be had at the coast!

Room Upgrade

Brand new queen size bed

Brand new queen size bed

The bunkroom has been upgraded to a room that still sleep 3-4 but now we have a queen bed and two twins. Don’t be surprised if we change it again or if things are rearranged the next time you come, we like to keep it lively!

Two twin beds

Two twin beds

Online Bookings Now Available

In November we set up online bookings, which makes your booking process even easier. If you ever encounter any problems with online bookings, you can still call us to secure your booking.

How to book: Go directly to thestarrynightinn.com and under the Accommodations tab find the room you want to book and scroll down to “Book Online” section and fill out the form beneath.

Wishing you a happy holiday from the Starry Night Inn!

Anastasia & Jen

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September 14th, 2018

Our Fall Special

Looking for artistic flair, luxurious bedding and affordability? We’ve got it in our Fall Special!

Book 2 nights for $150 (excludes Saturday) + $20 cleaning fee and 12% lodging tax.
Text or call 503.738.7825 to take advantage of this special.

Fall Pricing

Have you been looking for a aesthetically pleasing, and cool place to stay at the coast? Our boutique motel has the individually stylized rooms to satiate your artistic hunger.

Starting after September 15th, we are offering off season rates. Our fall rates rates:

  • We have the two private rooms in our Victorian priced at $79 weekdays and $89 weekends.

  • The Bunk Room price has dropped to $77 weekdays and $88 weekends.

  • And, our three cabins are now priced at $89 weekdays and $99 weekends.

Each room/bed has a cleaning fee and a 12% lodging tax attached to the final price. To get an idea of the full price check the individual room’s page on our website.

If you have any questions regarding booking, i.e. how to book, price quotes, events, etc. please call or text us at (503)-738-7825.

Artist Residencies

Book your artist residency for this fall!

Artist’s need space to think and work. Whether you are contemplating your next masterpiece or are actively creating your art, we would love to help promote you on social media and give you an inspirational place to create.

  • $250 for Rooms 1 or 3, Sunday-Thursday + $15 cleaning fee and 12% lodging tax.

  • $300 for Cabins 1, 2, or 3 Sunday-Thursday + $20 cleaning fee and 12% lodging tax.

Rent the Entire Motel

Host your holiday party or an event for up to 18 people at the Starry Night Inn. Includes the Victorian house, all three cabins, the spa room, and the entire grounds.

  • $550 weekdays + $100 cleaning fee and 12% lodging tax.

  • $600 weekends + $100 cleaning fee and 12% lodging tax.

Additionally you must also put down 25% of the total cost to book, full payment is due 2 weeks prior to reservation date and finally, full cancellation refunds can only be requested 2 weeks before reservation date, with a $50 cancellation fee.



Getting Around Seaside

The inn is two blocks from everything and four blocks to the ocean.


The Secret Ingredient In Our Lavender Chill Hand Soap & Other Recipes

Guests are really enjoying our handmade products, here are the recipes.



36 day remodel

Did you know that the owners of the inn remodeled the bulk of the property in 36 days, without a day off?